This winter, we have been working very hard to come to a ‘more or less’ final version of this machine. The differences and progress are huge.

We have developed a small unit, containing a patented burner and a new patented fan, which is powered by a hydraulic motor. The fan blows most air vertically down to the ground, but part of the air is also blown to the side, in order to kill all the weeds close to the trees or vines.

One of the big advantages of this unit is the recovery of the hot air. Most warm air, blown out by the fan, is sucked back in and reused, causing the consumption to fall enormously.

Another big advantage is its compactness. The units are very low, very light and very small, and can be built on different kind of frames and hydraulic arms. They will become available in different widths: 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, … 100 cm.

Our next step is to built a frame with two hydraulically adjustable arms. This allows to work on two sides simultaneously.

Most important advantages:

  • Recuperation of the hot air.
  • Very low gas consumption.
  • We only use hot air, no flames.
  • No risk on fire.
  • No soil conditioning.
  • Speed approx. 4 km/hour.
  • We use propane gas, so environment friendly.
  • We have already 20 years experience with gas burners.
  • Kills also the seeds on the ground.
  • Kills also the weeds against the trunk/vine.
  • No regrowth because the soil is not touched.
  • More efficient than any other method.
  • Stunning results.
  • Very compact units, that can be built on any frame.
  • Automatic temperature control.
  • Many safety features.

Weedbuster Unit

Weedbuster Prototype

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