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Improving Fruit Set

Our machines (Frostbuster and FrostGuard) were developed for frost protection. Some of our customers noticed an improved fruit setting when they used the machines during full flowering. So this extra advantage was discovered by clever users during practice.

Meanwhile, also the people from the Research Centre in Gorsem (PCF) have done several tests to see what the results can be if the machines are used for fruit set improvement. With very positive results.

We have customers with big orchards (+ 100 ha) who bought a few Frostbusters for frost protection and bought some extra machines later, just to be able to use it in all of their orchards for fruit set improvement.

How to use the Frostbuster and FrostGuard for fruit set improvement?

FrostGuard: just start the machines early afternoon (13h00-14h00) and let them run for 3 to 4 hours.

Frostbuster: drive with the machine through the orchard early afternoon (13h00-14h00) and pass through every third row.

In both cases, the burner does not have to work when weather conditions are good (dry and warm). Only when temperatures are low and/or the humidity is high, it’s better to run the machines with the burner activated.