Why Agrofrost Machines ?

  • Agrofrost is the biggest producer of frost protection machines in the world and our turnover increases year after year.
  • During the last 50 years, Agrofrost has been the only company that introduced new effective solutions to fight frost.
  • Agrofrost – единственная компания, которая продолжает вкладывать деньги в разработку лучших решений для получения лучших результатов..
  • Agrofrost offers the biggest range of frost protection machines in the world, so we can always offer you the best solution: FrostGuards Revolution & Basic, Trailed and 3-points Frostbusters, Frost Alarms, Mobile Wind Machines, Wind Machines, Burners for Wind Machines.

We offer you 4 Product Groups:

The Frostbusters are used in combination with a tractor. There is one trailed model and three 3-point mounted models.

The Frostbuster is the most economical protection system.


The FrostGuards are stationary machines that can protect up to 1 hectare. We have two series: the Revolution and the Basic.

The FrostGuard is the most flexible protection system.


Wind Machines are often used to protect very large areas. Find out why we do better than the competition.

The wind machine is the most comfortable protection.

For smaller areas or lower crops, the mobile windmachine is a good alternative.

We also developed burners that can be used in combination with the wind machine.

wind machine
mobile transport position

A good Frost Alarm is absolutely essentiel in the fight against frost.

We have developped probably the best and certainly the easiest frost alarm you can get.

Frost Alarm with inox support