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What can you expect ?

We believe that it’s very important that you know what you may expect from our machines (Frostbuster and FrostGuard). What can we protect, what not? Until which temperatures does it work? For which kind of fruits?

First of all, we have to make a distinction between flowers and fruits. It’s easier to protect flowers than to protect small fruits. The bigger the fruits, the more difficult to protect. Good to know: most frost damages occur on flowers.

Another very determining factor is the relative air humidity (RH). During a night frost, the RH is normally high, very high. This causes white frost or hoarfrost. And this is mostly the reason for damages. Our machines work better with a high RH then with a low RH. Or, the higher the risk (caused by RH), the better the results. On the other hand, the results might be poor when the RH stays below 85%.  Good to know: RH is higher than 95% during most frosts.

Further, there are differences between all the kinds of fruits, vines, etc.

Not to forget the length of the frost period: when a frost of -5 °C lasts 4 hours, damages will be less compared to a frost of -4° that lasts 10 hours.

Also wind is a dangerous factor. Most systems do not work in case of wind. Our machines will still give a positive result if the wind is not too strong.

Every year and all over the world, farmers have severe losses because of frosts. More than 90% of all damages are caused by frosts on flowers with temperatures between -2 and -5 °C, and with an relative air humidity higher than 95%. Which means that we can provide a good protection in more than 90% of the cases. We cannot guarantee 100% protection at all time. Nobody or no protection system can. Now and then, weather conditions are extreme and not matter what you do, damages are inevitable. However, a success rate of minimum 90%, with a system that has less disadvantages than others, is more environmental friendly and above all, is cheaper in use and purchase… we believe it’s not bad, not bad at all.

Most protection systems have a lot of disadvantages. No one else can offer you similar results as ours, with a minimum of disadvantages at the same time. Furthermore, our machines can improve fruitsetting.

For all these reasons, we can tell that we have the best protection system on the market.

On the next page – Protection Limits –  you find a table that shows you what you may expect from our protection systems.

Another page – Improving Fruit Set –  shows you how you can use our machines for improving the fruit set.