Мастера в области защиты от мороза
Потому что наша защита от мороза работает за счет изменения фазы
Потому что мы предлагаем лучший набор фруктов и лучшее качество фруктов
Поэтому мы продали более 4000 машин по всему миру

We offer 4 different products:

Why Agrofrost Machines ?

  • Our machines have a faster return on investment than any other system on the market. PC FRUIT, an acknowledged center of excellence in fruit research, made a study of the return on investment of all available frost protection systems that were used in Belgium during the last 10 years. This shows that the Frostbuster’s average payback time is less than 1 year. This 4 times (and more) faster than any other system. You can view this yourself on the website of PC FRUIT.

Follow this link to see the results of the FROSTinno project:

  • Agrofrost is the biggest producer of frost protection machines in the world and our turnover increases year after year.
  • During the last 50 years, Agrofrost has been the only company that introduced new effective solutions to fight frost.
  • Agrofrost – единственная компания, которая продолжает вкладывать деньги в разработку лучших решений для получения лучших результатов..
  • Agrofrost offers the biggest range of frost protection machines in the world, so we can always offer you the best solution: FrostGuards Revolution & Basic, Trailed and 3-points Frostbusters, Frost Alarms, Mobile Wind Machines, Wind Machines, Burners for Wind Machines.