Masters in Frost Protection
Because our Frost Protection works by Phase Change
Because we offer a Better Fruit Set and Better Fruit Quality
Therefore we have sold more than 2500 machines worldwide

We offer 4 different products:

Why Agrofrost Machines ?

  • Agrofrost is the biggest producer of frost protection machines in the world and our turnover increases year after year.
  • During the last 50 years, Agrofrost has been the only company that introduced new effective solutions to fight frost.
  • Agrofrost is the only company that continues to invest money in research for better solutions and better results.
  • Agrofrost offers the biggest range of frost protection machines in the world, so we can always offer you the best solution: FrostGuards Revolution & Basic, Trailed and 3-points Frostbusters, Frost Alarms, Mobile Wind Machines, Wind Machines, Burners for Wind Machines.